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Greenland tourism

I live in a big city, the capitol of my country actually. And I love my city. I grew up here, and I know the city inside in. But I have never been too excited about the centre of town. In my opinion it is not “my city”. It is way too international in a sense, filled to the brim with international brand stores and tourists. When I walk down the main street in the centre I almost feel like a tourist myself, and that is in my opinion not a very nice feeling. I am sure that some “natives” love the centre and like the feeling of being in an international city. I how ever tend to always drift towards the smaller streets, and the less known bars in the alleyways and copestone streets. That said tourism is a really important part of the city. It brings money and life to the city and inspires the locals to always come up with new and exciting things to see and do.

This year I am going to Greenland and I can only imagine that the fast growing Greenland tourism must affect the locals ten times more, than it affects me in my big city. The largest city in Greenland has only 17.000 inhabitants, and surely the Greenland tourism is taking up a lot of “space” in the capitol.

Escaping everyday life

I have grown up in a family, where work has been a very high prioritization, and where money has not been spent on vacations and trips abroad now and then. Nope, it was long days at work for my parents and long summer vacations from school, which were mostly spent at home or at our summerhouse. Of course, it was nice and a privilege going to and having a summerhouse, and escape from everyday life that way. However, I think that my many summers at home have made me very excited to travel abroad later on in life. This is my way of escaping from everyday life. In Africa, Asia and soon, USA. Another thing I would also like to do is a vacation in Greenland. I have heard that Greenland is supposed to be amazing and unique. It has qualities that you can’t find anywhere else. I have heard about the incredible nature and that it completely blows you away. I also think that a vacation to Greenland would qualify as an escape from everyday life. Seeing the huge ice sheet, dog sledging and the unique culture. That must be an awesome experience, and I have to plan that soon.

Iceland travel

How is Iceland being marketed?

Maybe this post stems from the fact, that I have quite a few friends who study marketing. But lately I’ve been thinking about, why the country branding isn’t more of a common thing around the world. Why don’t countries have stronger brands? Take India as an example. There are all those scandalous cases about mass rapes and violence, which make us fear travelling to India. That seems sane to us because, who wants to travel to a country with that kind of risk? This violence is really bad for the India brand, and the outlook for a better reputation is not good. It’s a battle that no one seems to want to fight.

Iceland on the other hand, and especially Iceland Travel, really understands how to brand Iceland positively. The brand is built up around the spectacular nature, exciting cultural experiences and unique feeling Iceland offers. The branding of Iceland through Iceland Travels is so successful that I decided to pack my bags and go there to see for my self. I wanted to see the country Iceland as well as I wanted to se the brand Iceland. And it really was an awesome experience to visit Iceland. What a scenery. The nature up there is absolutely stunning and the culture is different and exciting. So weather it’s the branding or the actual country that makes thousands and thousands of people visit Iceland every year, really is a good question. Because both are quite spectacular. So if you ever get the opportunity to travel to Iceland please promise me to visit The Blue Lagoon.