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Greenland tourism

I live in a big city, the capitol of my country actually. And I love my city. I grew up here, and I know the city inside in. But I have never been too excited about the centre of town. In my opinion it is not “my city”. It is way too international in a sense, filled to the brim with international brand stores and tourists. When I walk down the main street in the centre I almost feel like a tourist myself, and that is in my opinion not a very nice feeling. I am sure that some “natives” love the centre and like the feeling of being in an international city. I how ever tend to always drift towards the smaller streets, and the less known bars in the alleyways and copestone streets. That said tourism is a really important part of the city. It brings money and life to the city and inspires the locals to always come up with new and exciting things to see and do.

This year I am going to Greenland and I can only imagine that the fast growing Greenland tourism must affect the locals ten times more, than it affects me in my big city. The largest city in Greenland has only 17.000 inhabitants, and surely the Greenland tourism is taking up a lot of “space” in the capitol.