Månedsarkiv: november 2014

Escaping everyday life

I have grown up in a family, where work has been a very high prioritization, and where money has not been spent on vacations and trips abroad now and then. Nope, it was long days at work for my parents and long summer vacations from school, which were mostly spent at home or at our summerhouse. Of course, it was nice and a privilege going to and having a summerhouse, and escape from everyday life that way. However, I think that my many summers at home have made me very excited to travel abroad later on in life. This is my way of escaping from everyday life. In Africa, Asia and soon, USA. Another thing I would also like to do is a vacation in Greenland. I have heard that Greenland is supposed to be amazing and unique. It has qualities that you can’t find anywhere else. I have heard about the incredible nature and that it completely blows you away. I also think that a vacation to Greenland would qualify as an escape from everyday life. Seeing the huge ice sheet, dog sledging and the unique culture. That must be an awesome experience, and I have to plan that soon.